When blogging becomes a job: an interview with corporate blogger Kathi von Knackfrisch {Promotion}

V Many bloggers can well imagine making their favorite hobby a job, and also to blog regularly for companies. Kathi from Hamburg is such a corporate blogger: Since 4 months she writes on Knackfrisch, the new blog of EDEKA. With her I talked about everyday life 1.0, her work as a professional blogger, editorial plans, challenges, goals and numbers. Of course we also talked about beautiful hair.

Kathi, you have been blogging professionally for 4 months now. But just tell us what you do in life 1.0.

Kathi: I live with my husband and my two 3 and 6 year old daughters in the middle of Hamburg. Originally I worked as a creative in advertising. But a few years ago I started my own business and was freelancing for different clients. You also have family and you know that: The everyday life with two children and jobs in quite turbulent. My husband is job technically often traveling in other European countries. I have my customers. The children go to kindergarten or preschool and have appointments. When we all sit together, there is delicious food from good products. This has actually become an important family hub for us.

The common family lunch thing looks pretty familiar to me. Cooking has always been such an important topic for you?

Kathi: I used to like to go out for dinner or have some cooking. My kitchen was so small that you did not even think of cooking something seriously. And if that was the whole superkrampfig. She was probably even a little smaller than yours (laughs). Then we completely rebuilt our apartment - and suddenly it was there: space in the kitchen! That's when I realized how great it is to prepare delicious things yourself. With the kitchen came the desire to cook for myself.

I saw photos of you in a kitchen. Is that really yours and is it always ... um ... cleaned up?

Kathi: Yes, that's really mine. Of course it does not always look that way. When the photo team came to my home to take pictures for the blog, I cleaned up pikobello before. It is clear. It does not happen to you every day that professional photos are taken at home. And then someone who keeps an eye on the decoration and someone for hair and make-up will come along.

That's why you have the hair so fresh on crisp fresh?

Kathi: (laughs first) Yeah right! If official photos are made, which then see a lot of people, you want to look as good as possible and make a decent impression. No chance for Bad-Hair-Day. But I can assure you that I am guaranteed not to be so curious every day. Not at all!

That calms me down a lot. How did you get into corporate blogging? Did you have your own blog before?

Kathi: I discovered blogs for myself three or four years ago and have loved reading them ever since. Fashion blogs are great. And in food blogs, I've always gotten inspiration for fast and fresh food and recipe suggestions. At some point, I had the idea to write a blog myself, but did not get it under one roof with everyday life.

And then crackling fresh came around the corner?

Kathi: That's right. That even came around three corners. EDEKA was looking for a mother who does not yet have her own blog. In the right place at the right time. A little bit of luck. That was a real hit for me.I thought: now or never. And I'm looking forward to it every day.

Blog Fresh from EDEKA

How does the concrete work with the customer work?

Kathi: We have a rough quarterly editorial plan to let everyone know what's going on. At the moment, for example, Autumn dishes and topics. The design of the topics and the texts are then totally with me. I do not get any specifications for certain foods or products - that's what I develop myself. It also happens that two days before the release, I quickly put brownies into the editorial plan, because I'm just up for it. That should also make the blog: Loose inspiration for the daily life with family and children. With little effort a nice meal. A crafting guide for the weekend. Or how to get the kids to eat vegetables. Everyone can pick something out of it.

So all happy go lucky and a lot of money for less work?

Kathi: (laughs) I work no less than in my permanent position. Rather much more. But the structure is different. I can divide my time differently. And if it just does not work out with the blogging, I can do it again two hours later and work on something else in the meantime. By the way, I've been thinking a lot about whether I'm a blogger for a company. And how it can work with me and EDEKA. Sometimes I have a big mouthful. I was afraid to sell my personality or bend myself. But none of that has happened. That would have become very difficult for me in the long run. At the beginning, I also spent a long time wondering how to build up the individual texts. Now I'm writing more out of my guts and just starting.

"Out of the gut" does not sound like dates and deadlines. How do you organize yourself?

Kathi: Back in the agency life, I had to record my working hours in a special program. There was always a lot to do with endless job numbers and time scheduling in 10-minute increments. That's why I'm more of a burnt child today and do not do minute planning. I usually sit at the kitchen table on the laptop. I do not have a study but a small work corner, which I originally hoped would not fill up so quickly. But the dining table is in the long run but the great working environment. Sometimes I come home with the kids and the whole blog stuff is still spread out over the table. Or the fruit box with my photo stuff: In the beginning I have always put away properly. In the meantime, this is already part of my everyday life, that it simply stops at the table. Recently, I also bundle 2 or 3 recipes and eat more of it afterwards than I actually wanted.

Sounds like a real food blogger life. Does that also matter with your figure?

Kathi: Um, yes. Somehow. But I started playing squash again. Totally 80s - but somehow pretty cool.

I'm calm again. Do you also see other trends in blogging?

Kathi: (laughs) Yeah, definitely. In the meantime, I can deal with a camera so halfway. I bought a Canon 1200D extra. And so slowly the photos look like I would like them. There is always room for improvement. But my photos should not be so super professional. I am really no expert and my readers are not.It is important to me that it comes across delicious, but relaxed. The food is exactly as we eat it later. No tools or anything.

Many companies and publishers say they have no numbers from their blogs. Butter fish: What role numbers and statistics with you

Kathi: Because we are honest: Of course, we look at the numbers on. When you run a blog, you also want to know if and how many people stop by. That's not different with companies. Personally, I'm also very interested in this: how do people find what I'm doing? Of course, I would like to have a fanbase that comes by regularly. But right now we're still in the beginning - we've only been online for 4 months. We keep an eye on visitor numbers, but they do not determine the editorial plan. The whole does not degenerate into quota stress. Incidentally, I'm very happy about that!

Your biggest up-act in blogging so far?

Kathi: Spelling mistakes drive me nuts. Lately, I have tinkered gift tags for a post and consistently omitted a letter for all followers. The whole thing I did not notice of course. Only when EDEKA inquired carefully whether I had in addition to the pictures of the Küris -Chtuney maybe Freestyle b is chutney on offer, I'm come on it. Or if you only realize after taking pictures that something totally outrageous juts into the picture. And with every picture. Uuahhhh

What do your children - get with that mommy is now on the Internet

Kathi? : They'll get it. Sometimes they also appear in the posts - on photos, however, only from the back. My children should keep their privacy. The find what I was doing, very exciting and have so far not it annoying.

Your most important advice as a professional blogger?

Kathi: Make it easy. Let is flow. Listen to your own gut feeling. If it does not work with the blogging, let it lie and start again two hours later. Also, if it is maybe midnight then (because of the deadline). And: Just be yourself.

That's a great ending! Thank you Kathi for the detailed and amusing conversation. And still a lot of fun with Crispy. But you have that anyway - I'm sure of that.

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