Welcome Dinner Hamburg - will host a dinner with refugees.

E in a young refugee, a hamburger couple, a dinner ... and then there's Labskaus. Ironically! The one-minute film by "Welcome Dinners Hamburg" and the Hamburg director Gaullo shows the difficult topic of integration from a completely new and humorous point of view.

"Welcome Dinner Hamburg" already conveys for two years dinner between hamburgers and refugees. More than 2000 guests were already able to experience the hospitality of the people of Hamburg, practice German and eat together. Hundreds of friendships and tandems have sprung up - most hosts and guests stay in touch after dinner. The 20-strong "Welcome Dinner" team works on an honorary basis and wants to contribute to the integration of the New Hamburgers with the refugee project.

The idea for "Labskaus "Director Gaullo had the rest after a private welcome dinner in St. Georg:" I think it's important that we approach, listen and tell about the new Hamburgers with openness and curiosity. A dinner together is a small, perfect start for a great, common task. All the better, if it tastes everyone and you can laugh together. And Labskaus is just a challenge - just like integration ". Producer Akku Hallerbach was immediately enthusiastic: "We would like to support this voluntary work and simple and fascinating contact possibilities."

In the frame The initiative "Refugee Welcome Films" (together with the FFHSH and other Hamburg production companies) and with the help of filmmakers from Hamburg, Iran, Syria and North Rhine-Westphalia, they have produced a cinema spot that will inspire many Hamburgers for this uncomplicated way to contact , The film communicates the complex and difficult topic of integration in an amusing way. He shows the exciting side of integration - getting involved in something new. And that succeeds because the viewer takes the perspective of the refugee.

The leading actor is the twenty-year-old Afghan Fardin Heidari, who has been with us for four years lives with his parents in Hamburg, has finished secondary school and is currently looking for a training position. The first time in Germany was a big challenge for him. He was helped by a theater project to which his teacher sent him.

Together with Heino Grünewald, the well-known Hamburg actress Elga Schütz plays the host -Pair. She finds the signal that emanates from an invitation to her own flat, incredibly beautiful: "For me, a meal together is pure luck. It shows affection and radiates warmth and security. Anyone who is invited to dinner is really welcome. "

You would also like to be host to Hamburg for a dinner with refugees? Then sign up here for a welcome dinner.

For further information and contact with all participants, please contact Ines Burckhardt, spokeswoman for the Welcome Dinner, at presse@welcome-dinner.com and 0170/8263766.

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