One-pan pasta "Norge" with salmon, crab and dill. Very simple, super fresh and in 7 minutes on the plate. Really!

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D I honestly could not quite imagine this thing with the one-pot pasta: all Putting ingredients in a pot with the noodles and then cooking until the water is gone and everything is cooked - does not that sound weird? Are not then especially the less robust ingredients totally mushy and overcooked? I know that there are totally dedicated fans of the One Pot story and that even the cooking goddess Martha Stewart has a recipe in stock ... Well. Nevertheless. Somehow. So far. Not so.

However, the situation changes radically when, if so short a preparation time that even delicate ingredients still wonderfully retain shape and taste. Then I can imagine the whole thing great - because little effort, fast kitchen AND fresh ingredients are exactly what I burn for. After work, with a child and a blog, you know. If the result is still right, really delicious - Jackpot!

The crucial twist is fresh pasta, which steamed in little liquid in 3 minutes in the pan. In addition, there are more delicious ingredients and - quickly! - finished is a totally fresh pasta dish: One-Pan-Pasta.

The decisive nudge for my personal broadening horizons came from Hilcona. Whether I want to make a delicious and simple recipe with the Pasta Classica under the motto "pleasure trip". Hm. Short check: The fresh pasta from the fridge comes with free range eggs and real ingredients, but without flavor enhancers and dyes. In some varieties, natural flavor is included - for me a tiny little nausea in an otherwise very appealing convenience product. Because - hand on heart - who regularly makes his stuffed pasta himself? Just. Almost none.

Having recently been in Norway and still dreaming of the magnificent scenery, the imposing sea and the hand-hung fish, my idea was born fast: Norway on the pasta plate with white wine, cream, Graved salmon, crabs and - very typical - dill. Honestly, I've already made a few thoughts in advance, whether the pasta in the pan is not mushy or - especially with tortellini stuffed with really terrible! - falls apart. But nothing there. Everything worked ta-del-los and the result was absolutely thrilling for the family.

Norwegian one-pan pasta with salmon, crabs and dill in white wine cream  Norwegian one-pan pasta with salmon, crab and dill in white wine cream |

In just four simple steps and 7 minutes to delicious one-pan pasta:

• Leek in Sauté butter (3 minutes)

• Add fresh pasta with half a glass of water (or wine) and steam (3 minutes).

• Cream, salmon, crabs and dill and short simmer (1 minute)

• Salt, pepper, ready.

Fresh pasta with just the right consistency in a white-and-cream saute with tender green leeks, salmon, crabs and Dill. Really. Right. Well. And easy. And ready in seven minutes. Norway in a flash on the plate, so to speak.

I hope my enthusiasm for this uncomplicated way of preparation and the photos speak for themselves. Now we will use One-Pan more often.Hilcona Pasta Classica Tortelloni 4 Cheese with Black Pepper)
125 ml White Wine
150 g Graved Salmon Slices
(organic quality, like hand-fished)
100 g North Sea Crab
100 ml Cream
2 Branches Dill
Salt & Black Pepper

" And this is how it works: > Wash the leek and cut into rings.

Melt the butter in a medium saucepan and fry the leeks over medium to high heat for 3 minutes.

In the meantime Cut the salmon into strips and prepare the crabs.

Put the pasta with the white wine in the pan and steam for 3 minutes until the wine is almost overcooked. Then add the salmon with the crabs and the cream to the noodles.

Season with salt & pepper, stir well and simmer for another 1 minute.

Chop the dill and serve sprinkle over the pasta. Serve with more black pepper to taste.

Tip: If leftovers remain, refrigerate and heat for 2-3 minutes with an additional sip of wine or water the next day. It still tastes great.

Norwegian one-pan pasta with salmon, crab and dill in white wine