Moin, moin grilling! I'm giving away the American Gas2Coal grill from Char-Broil. And by the way, recommend the hottest pop-up store in Hamburg.

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D he first topless convertibles and thick sunglasses were spotted in Hamburg in mid-February. Since the Hanseaten are absolutely consistent every year - the first sunbeam over 8 degrees it starts with the spring mood. But even the less hardened newcomers are now ragged: The first colorful flowers show up in parks and on balconies and the thick quilted gowns really hang only on the wardrobe, because you were so lazy to mate them: The spring is coming and thus the wonderful outside life! Yay !!!

I got my balcony ready last weekend. Old plants out, discarded the once rather colorful (and now rather black) plastic carpet, scrubbed the floor, scrubbed, scrubbed - until everything was picobello and neat. Even my little smoke-poor pink grill was once again able to refer to his pole position on the outer shelf. And I can not wait until we start working together ... the barbecue season is in the starting blocks! Grilling has been part of my life since childhood. To stand in front of sizzling food and a grate with the pliers is simply home and relaxation for me. After a long day at work, the stress of grilling and a glass of rosé simply falls away from me. Plop, gone. Of course not, when suddenly six firefighters land in my living room. But that's a different story.

So that you can really kick-start the upcoming barbecue season, I have the perfect equipment for you. I am very happy that I can give away the great things among you! And - frankly - I'm a little bit jealous of this fat hybrid grill (though of course I would never admit that to my little pink buddy). Tadaaaa:

Win a Char-Broil American Gas2Coal Grill worth € 500, -

Char-What? Char-Broil has been the market leader in gas grills in America for a long time, but still a secret in Germany. That has to change, because Char-Broil has known for over 70 years what a "real American BBQ" must be like. And that's exactly what anyone with grill passion in Germany can enjoy right away, without having to dig deep into their pockets. The Char-Broil products not only have a very simple temperature control, they also promise 100% uniform heat and 50% juicier results. Sounds good, right?

And here he comes - the Char-Broil Gas2Coal combi grill

With this product innovation you'll have both delicious halves of the BBQ world united: Either you use the Gas2Coal as fast-firing charcoal grill (the aroma is simply irresistible!). Or you use - if you like me, for example out of consideration for the neighbors should not use coals/should/wants - the gas grill function. The hybrid grill is converted in less than 1 minute and has a grill area that lasts for 4 or more. More information about Gas2Coal can be found here. On top of that there is a tailor-made chic protective hood by Trendlable "Grill or Die". Who can say no to that?

Raffle Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid-Grill | GourmetGuerilla.comRaffle Char-Broil Gas2Coal Hybrid Grill |

What do you have to do to have this sweetheart in time for biting home?

Leave me until 24.03.Please note the terms and conditions *.

I'm curious! Good luck!

Update: Katja K. won the congratulations and have fun with your barbecue!

Rindermarkthalle St. Pauli Hamburg {

For all Practice-oriented: Char-Broil to touch in the "BBQ Quarter", the hottest pop-up store in the Rindermarkthalle on St. Pauli

Who's deeper immerse yourself in the barbecue culture and maybe even want to flush one or the other smart knack for at home, is in the new Char-Broil BBQ Quarter in the Hamburger Rindermarkthallen in good hands. Here's the real thing or the rust. Not only can you experience the Char Broil products live at the gas barbecue and smoking - whoever wants to talk shop in detail about rust heights, radiant heat. Convection or the right wood chips for smoking. Or try "real American BBQ" at the various live BBQ events and an icy craft beer evening. Maybe just after a Saturday shopping spree?

Eggert Brothers at the Char-Broil BBW Quarter | GourmetGuerilla .de

On 31.03. Incidentally, there is a big opening event in the "BBQ Quarter". Among them are the Eggert brothers, two cool tattooed chefs who stand for first-class craftsmanship and exciting event and pop-up gastronomy with great culinary experiences. If you are interested, you can register for participation and, with a little luck, be invited to this special barbecue event.

Hamburg's first BBQ Quarter will open on 01.04.2017 for all barbecue friends the gates and will remain until the end of June 2017. All current information on events and live events on Facebook.

* Conditions of participation: Participation in the competition takes place by submitting a commentary until 24.03.2017, 23; 59 o'clock. Please enter your valid email address for a winning message in the corresponding field of the comment function. The draw of the prize will be made by random generator. The winners will be notified by e-mail and then have three days to submit their postal address (not a PO Box, Packstation) by e-mail. If there is no feedback, the prize will be raffled again. The shipment is made by the company Char-Broil or agent. E-mail addresses and postal addresses are stored only for the purpose of shipping and then deleted. The legal process is excluded. Winnings can not be exchanged or paid out in cash.