Chocolate hummus with almonds and chocolate chips. Ready in just 5 minutes and just extra chocolaty.

"H ey, mommy, what's that?" The kid mashed swedish bröd with chocolate hummus.

"That's chocolate hummmmu." It could be that I accidentally do not pronounce certain parts of the word.

"That's really delicious! What's that? "

" Chocolate hmmmuummmm. "

" WHAT? Oh no, I'll just get something, okay? "

" Yeah. And if it's all, I can do more in 5 minutes, eh. "

" Real? Krass! Incidentally, chocolate always works! "The child moves away towards the kitchen.

Totally right. Chocolate always works. And even really good as hummus with chickpeas, a touch of Erndussmus, darn little sugar and just a spoonful of coconut oil. But with an extra helping of chocolate. Since the good old Nutella but can pack up very quickly, um. But that one does not have to tie the fast-teenage child according to proven Mammamarketing 2.0 right on the nose. We just wait a little while until his relationship with the chocolate hummus has solidified something ...

Deep chocolate hummus-love is definitely here for me !

Chocolate hummus with hazelnuts and chocolate chips | GourmetGuerilla.comChocolate hummus with hazelnuts and chocolate chips | Chocolate Hummus with hazelnuts and chocolate chips

And here comes the recipe for chocolate hummus with almonds and chocolate chips

Ingredients for about 300 g or a larger jam jar:

1 tin chickpeas , (400 g,
drained weight 240 g)
3 tablespoons baking cocoa ( so without sugar
or other ingredients)
3-4 tablespoon maple syrup
1 teaspoon peanut flour (without sugar)
1-2 teaspoons coconut oil
1/3 teaspoon ground vanilla *
1 pinch of salt
120 ml of almond milk * (like the "roasted" version if to get)

For garnish:
2 tablespoons chopped almonds
2 EL good dark chocolate, chopped

And so it goes:

All ingredients in Give the blender jar of a strong blender or smoothie maker *. Mix well until a smooth, extra-chocolate cream is created. Pour the chocolate hummus into a bowl and garnish with the chopped almonds and dark chocolate. Possibly. Add almonds and chocolate chips separately so that everyone can enjoy them as they please.

Tips: If you're mixing down, make a layer of cream, but keep the ingredients at the top, just stir once or twice (with the blender off !!!) and then mix again.

The amount of chocolate powder and maple syrup can be adjusted to your taste, depending on how chocolaty or sweet you like it .

Before you start maltreating whole almonds: chopped almonds are already packed in nice little serving bags, accurately shredded on the back shelf in the supermarket.

Chocolate hummus with hazelnuts and chocolate chips |