Cheese cream "Fromage fort". The recipe for the definitely tastiest remainder of cheese.

D he Frenchman eats like cheese. Much cheese. And what does he do if he has only a lot of crinkly (and maybe even one or two days after the optimal ripeness of maturity) cheese ends in the fridge? He throws them into a blender, dumps a rest of white wine from the bottle of Last Night and a small clove of garlic on it and shreds the whole thing into a wonderful cheese cream. A little salt and pepper - et voilà! - Fromage fort is ready.

The good news: The ultimate remnant recovery works with all moderately good to good cheeses. And especially with strong and expressive varieties. Whether soft or hard cheese, pepper or mold (ie the good, desired mold) - the more diverse the initial situation, the better the Fromage away. Only the retorts Gouda for 9.99 € the kilo must unfortunately remain outside. Because where there is no taste, even the best white wine (rest) can unfortunately add nothing. And Harzer scooter may not play well. For reasons. Sure, no.

Fromage fort tastes great as a cold spread, as a dip to vegetable sticks, chips, tacos, and other not-so-healthy stuff. But the ultimate culmination comes with a bit of heat: gratinated in the oven on baguette (or any other bread of choice). Add a gourd, a radish and definitely more good wine - life can be so beautiful!

Also try variations on herbs, such as: Chives or basil. And if the white wine is all, in case of doubt it also does a schnapps and some cream cheese or cree fraiche as a "softener".

Let's shred together and never to part.
Together forever we two ...

Fromage fort cheese cream - the perfect remnants of cheese and wine Fromage fort cheese cream - perfect remnants of cheese and wine  Fromage fort cheese cream - perfect residual utilization of cheese and wine

And here comes the recipe for the delicious cheese cream" Fromage fort "

=" col "> Ingredients for 2 small bowls:

250 g mixed cheese rind (like with the edible bark)
250 ml white wine
1 garlic clove, barked
2 strong pinches of black pepper, freshly ground
1/2 teaspoon salt (or more to taste
1 pinch of cayenne pepper

Optional to serve:
chopped spring onions
vegetable sticks
baguette or low carb bread (according to this recipe)

And this is how it works:

Remove bark that is not suitable for consumption from the cheese and dice all sorts.

In a high-performance blender, the cheese cubes Season with small amounts of wine, garlic and spices and then crumble to perfection.

Put the cream in food boxes and refrigerate until ready to eat.

I love fresh chopped green onions on my fromage continue. But you may also like to taste chives or other delicate herbs.

You can vary Fromage's taste at will, for example by ground paprika, more cayenne pepper or herbs with mixes.The true taste explosion - promised!

Fromage fort cheese cream - perfect residual utilization of cheese and wine |