Autumn pink apple and chestnut soup with tangy ham croutons and a Soup & Blend test

E in blender who can cook too? Does this really work and - more importantly - do you really need something like that? I took a closer look at Russell Hobbs Soup & Blend and did a live cooking test in my kitchen.

The highlight of this blender is to be the cooking function with the 8 pre-set programs. Blender on, ingredients in, push knobs and the rest will do the device then automatically. To get away creamy soups, stews, sauces and - without cooking function - smoothies, shakes and cocktails. So much for the theory.

Russell Hobbs Soup & Blend blender with cooking function

I'm always a bit skeptical about combination appliances. If you combine different functions, does not that mean that you have to compromise at some point? Are the ingredients really cooked right and then mixes the device properly? We'll see.

For the test, I chose an autumnal, warming soup: autumn pink apple and chestnut soup will simmer the soup and blend in just under 30 minutes - with apples, chestnuts, celery, rosemary , Beetroot and onion. But before you can start cooking, you need to get things out of your packaging first.

Unpack & Assemble

Off One after the other, the stand of the blender, the blender jug ​​and the two-piece lid appear on the cardboard. This also includes the manual with recipe part. That was it already. The parts of Soup & Blend are stable and make a good first impression. Mixing cups and lids can be plugged together intuitively, the plug comes into the socket. Switching on is no problem - the button is located exactly in the middle of the menu field of the stand. To the right and left are the 8 program keys with (almost) unique symbols. Hm, I have to take a quick look at the manual, which means here which button exactly.

The first cooking attempt

I add some oil to the blender, press the steaming button on the Soup & Blend and add a chopped onion. A few seconds later it begins to sizzle in the device - the onion is actually sweated. I wonder if maybe I should stir and take a look in the instructions. The boiling blender has a slow stirring function. I press the button and it rattles briefly in the shaker. I take off the measuring cup, which also functions as a closure of the filling opening in the lid, and take a look at the contents. The glassy onions are distributed in the lower third of the jar. I remove the lid completely to bring it down with a wooden spoon. This will cause the mixer to stop the program.

Note: The mixer will only work if the lid is correctly attached. When the cover is removed, operation stops immediately. This is a bit cumbersome, if you want to stir manually in between, but also saves you from unwanted renovations of the favorite room of the apartment (I know how great a uniform tomato soup mottling on white kitchen walls looks, ne.) In addition, you can do so let the school-age family members work with it without having to fear for life and limb.

I start the steaming program again and let the onion fry for another 2 minutes Then I put the other peeled and chopped ingredients in the shaker , Finally, a small liter of broth, salt, pepper and rosemary are added. Put the lid back on, press the cream soup button and you're done.

Under observation

I do not dare to put the unknown device in alone to let the kitchen work.Every now and then I cast a sharp glance through the filling opening in the lid. It's bubbling and simmering in the blender, and whenever you think it's cooking a bit hard now, the heat is automatically slowed down. In any case, nothing can boil over here.

I'm just clearing out the washing machine when I'm almost hit: The Soup & Blend starts the mixing process on its own. I did not see that coming. Finally, a beep sounds. The soup is ready.

The boiling blender would now keep the soup warm for up to 40 minutes - but I immediately remove the lid and eyeball the result. The Soup & Blend has actually produced a deliciously fragrant and very creamy-looking soup. I try, add some salt and pepper and mix everything again quickly. Then comes the detailed soup test.

The result

There is a very creamy and aromatic soup in my bowl. I think exactly a tiny bit of celery that the mixer has not caught. Otherwise, the result is very convincing - beautiful homogeneous, creamy and not too frothy. In terms of taste, I can not tell the difference to a soup cooked in a pot. This thing does a good job.

As a topping for my fall soup, I'll quickly fry a couple of ham-wrapped giant croutons and put them on rosemary sprigs. The soup in the blender is still hot and I can serve right away. The family verdict: Really delicious - make sure to do it again!

Now that I know how the device works, I'd like to simmer it all by myself next time and do something different during this time. Maybe clean up Playmobil and sort stuffed animals or something.

The Soup & Blend by Russell Hobbs - My conclusion:

Who is That's good?
People who (like me) have to make do with a small amount of hotplates will love the Soup & Blend. He prepares soups, stews and sauces for up to four people as a separate cooking unit. It also does the job of a traditional "cold mixer".

Great for soupers and one-time enthusiasts who do not (always) feel that cooking is just a relaxing process and in the meantime like to do something different.

Great for producing pureed foods and baby porridge - even in smaller quantities.

What succeeded in making the device?
The operation is very simple. After reading through the short user manual once, you can work with the device without any problems.

The handling is very safe, as the mixer will stop operation immediately if the lid is removed or if the lid is not correctly locked.

The design is high quality and all parts work well together.

The cooking and mixing performance of a price range of 120 € fully meets my expectations .

Are there any disadvantages?
The device is designed for a very simple operation, therefore, the individual programs can not be in length or Modify temperature. What is cooking, cooking? Who the temperature for certain foods or ingredients, e.g. Absolutely, it will not be happy with the Soup & Blend.

Cleaning is quite easy if you fill the device halfway with water and a few drops of dishwashing detergent after preparation and then start the mixing process. Possibly. Leftovers on the edges and the seal of the lid can be easily removed with a sponge. However, if you wait too long with the cleaning and let the leftovers dry, the whole thing gets a bit more tricky.The shaker cup must not be submerged in the dishwasher or under water due to the electrical contacts. So better clean it sooner .

Russell Hobbs Soup & Blend

Autumn Pink Apple Marron Soup with tangy ham croutons #recipe #herald #gourmet guerrilla #maronen

Here comes the recipe for autumn pink apple and chestnut soup with tangy ham croutons:

Peel off 1 onion and finely dice. Wash 2 small apples , remove the core and roll the dice. 200g of cleaned celeriac and 100g of peeled fresh beetroot . Separate 250g chestnuts from the vacuum bag and rinse. For 4 large sprigs of rosemary , remove the needles on the lower half. Finely chop 1 teaspoon of the needles.

Ingredients Autumn pink apple and chestnut soup with tangy ham croutons #recipe #herald #gourmet guerrilla #maronen

1 tablespoon of oil n Add the Soup & Blend, add the onion and start the steaming program. Mix slowly after 2 minutes and fry for another 2 minutes. Put the vegetables into the blender jar and pour 0.75 liter vegetable or beef broth . Season with salt, pepper and the chopped rosemary. Start the program for creamy soups.

Cut a 3cm thick slice of rustic bread into 8 cubes. Slice 4 slices of Parma ham lengthwise. Wrap a strip of ham around a bread cube. Melt 2 tablespoons of ghee or butter in a pan, add 1 more sprig of rosemary and fry the croutons of ham in a mild heat until crisp and brown. In the finished croutons with a Schaschlickspiesschen each pierce a hole. Put two of the croutons on one of the prepared sprigs of rosemary.

Season the finished soup with salt & pepper and refine with 1 dash of cream . Mix again briefly, pour into soup bowls and insert one crouton skewer each. Drizzle the remaining butter from the pan and garnish with coarse black pepper .

Autumn Pink Apple Marron Soup with tangible ham croutons #recipe #herald #gourmetguerilla #maronen