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Nick M.

To keep it clear this a grocery store AND a a restaurant, I will write for both.Grocery: I recommend this place if you want to get some good quality halal meat, and I really like how they don't have minimum weights to buy meat. I live by myself, and so buying 8 pounds of goat meat isn't a go for me, so I usually get 1-2 pounds, and the are usually always fresh. You can get ground goat, chicken, beef and unusual cuts like liver and kidney here. Restaurant: This place is dope, and I always end up coming here when I get groceries, since I live in fort worth and its a drive to get good Indian/Pakistani food. For those unfamiliar Pakistani food has some dishes that are not found in normal Indian restaurants, my favorites are Murgh Cholay (Chicken with Chick Peas) and Dal Gosht ( Mutton/Goat with Dal). I came here the other day, and it seems like they have a buffet available for Iftar, if that is something that interests some muslim yelpers. Anways it's a great place.


Sushant W.

This is the best Pakistani food in Dallas period. The chicken korma was to die for, Tandoori naan was crisp and delicious and the lassi was amazing!!Next time I am trying their Biryani and special falooda


Abhisek B.

This is a go to market for raw meat - Goat, Chicken and Beef. The quality of meat is too good and you would really get the difference from other shops. Goat meat is the best here. They have all the spices required for Mediterranean and Indian cooking. They even has edible camphor which I was looking for long.Resturant is good for Kebabs and fresh naan, reasonably priced and tastes good. It has a desert section too if you would like to try. You may try chicken karahi too.


Hannah N.

I waited to come back to dine in again before I wrote a review just to be sure. The first time I came was during lunch on a Saturday. We were the only dine in patrons there the whole duration of the meal. The food took a while to come out but I figured they had just opened so I just shrugged it off. I did notice that they were still setting the table for service even after opening. It was fairly warm inside so I wasn't sure if they were having AC issues that day. The big fans were off putting because they were so loud and positioned right at the entrance to the dining area. Came in again last night (Saturday night) for dinner and there was only one other table besides ours. Big fans were still there. The first waitress was nice although again I noticed we weren't checked on regularly. We ordered our drinks, two waters, and waited and waited. Finally, she came with our drinks and complimentary salad and took our order. The food took a while again to come out and by this time there were more diners coming in. Things really started going downhill from there. We decided to order another dish but it took a while to get the waitress's attention. The guy that was there when we walked in was also trying to get her attention. He was yelling from across the room, "Excuse me, miss! Miss!" We finally waved another waitress down and asked to order the additional dish. She was very short with us, like we were inconveniencing her. My friend then flagged down the same waitress later and ordered gulab jamun with ice cream. She said ok and walked off but didn't ask which flavor ice cream. The initial waitress brought the gulab jamun but when we inquired about the ice cream, she replied that the other waitress didn't mention the ice cream. When we asked if we can still get it, she said they didn't have any ice cream at all. Check please! That also took a while so we just went up to the counter to pay. As for the food? The nihari was delicious and the best I've ever had. The beef was so tender and the stew was very flavorful. The butter chicken was decent with a hint of unexpected sweetness. Chicken biryani is delicious and at .99 how could you not?? My friend loves the goat paya. I wasn't too fond of the lachewala paratha but that's just a personal preference. I prefer regular or garlic naan more. Their gulab jamun is excellent. They are more on the smaller side but comes 4 to an order. I was introduced to kulfi here and was told it is legit. It is a creamy ice cream popsicle and tasted, to me, similar to condensed milk. So good on a hot Texas summer day. Overall, I find the service very lacking but the food delicious and oh, did I mention the prices? I like variety and find that I can get two dishes for almost the price of one elsewhere. Yes, the portions are smaller but I'm totally ok with that. Irving definitely has many options as far as Indian restaurants and until I find one that has good food and doesn't treat me like crap, this place will only be a to-go spot for me from now on. That is, IF I'm in the area, and IF I'm craving Indian food.


Amanda V.

They're naan is so fluffy and huge. I got their chicken karahi and it was very flavorful. Make sure you can handle spice! They also have a yogurt sauce you have to ask for that's incredible to dip your naan bread or top off you dish with. They also have free chai tea on the way out that's flavorful and strong. Went here with a group of friends and they liked it!


Abhi N.

i enjoyed Chicken biryani, Lamb kabob and Goat Paya!


Maggie C.

CHEAP AND DELICIOUS! When I say cheap I really mean it... their chicken biryani is .99 for a small to-go box, if eating in the restaurant it is .99 for a slightly larger portion. How can you beat that price??? Yes, there is small amounts of chicken in the biryani but can you really complain when you've only paid less than ? Other restaurants sell biryani for at least with maybe just a few more bites of chicken.. The biryani is still flavorful and fresh. Also tried the butter chicken. The butter chicken is better eaten in the restaurant as I have gotten it to-go before and all the oil separates from the sauce and kind of looks unappetizing. The sauce is SO good with a slightly spicy kick to it. The butter chicken pairs perfectly with their naan to soak up all the sauce. Lastly the chicken tikka.. this was the only disappointing dish. They sell the chicken by the piece so we got one thigh. It did not taste fresh and seemed to have been sitting out all day. The chicken was very dry and not very flavorful.. maybe they had an off day with this order. Very hole-in-the-wall restaurant with great food.. don't come for the ambiance!


Kevin Y.

Everything here had great flavor. For two people, we got the chicken karahi, chicken biryani, beef kabab, and naan (way too much food). The beef kabab was definitely my favorite. The beef was so juicy and tender and it was really easy to break apart the meat. The seasoning was fantastic. The chicken karahi had extremely tender chicken and the curry was flavorful and kind of spicy. The chicken biryani also tasted really good and also was pretty spicy.For dessert, I had the Falooda, which in my words, is basically a milkshake with a bunch cold jelly noodles, basil seeds, and other stuff in it. It was a little too sweet and artificial, and the ice cream was very icy, so it didn't really melt into the drink.The food came out pretty quickly, but the falooda did take a little longer to come out at the end. The food is all priced very reasonably, and you can definitely get a lot of food for very cheap.


Sundul A.

Absolutely terrible service and average food. There are several other indo/pak restaurants nearby - go there instead of here for a MUCH better experience. Awful, awful experience both times I've been here.


Arun P.

Yet another great find for some authentic Pakistani cuisine.  The dishes we tried are :Nihari : This is definitely on top of my list.  The beef was tender and the stew had great flavor.  Do try this for sure.Brain masala : Did not float in oil which is a good thing.  Excellent preparation.Lamb karahi : Loved it!The portion sizes are just right - neither too big nor too small.Dessert : We tried the rasmalai which was quite synthetic.  The kheer was well made - not too sweet.Ambience : A spacious restaurant with a food market next door.  Lots of parking available in the strip mall.Service : Was slow inspite of having the staff and the restaurant being fairly empty.  The staff had to be reminded several times about refilling our water cups and getting our desserts.  This is the only reason for the 4 stars.Price : Moderately priced in comparison to other restaurants.  However, they are not cheap as well.Tried their Biriyani and Paya and it was not upto the mark - Rating dropped to 3.


Sweta G.

We were a regular customer here. Last time we ordered food for takeout. Next day I found a roach in my chicken biryani while I was eating it for lunch. Ended up throwing away everything. Called for a refund and the manager apologized for the Cockroach but did not give us a refund. Instead he said it's a mistake that happens. "If you cook at home A cockroach or a hair could fall off or your food too."


Ah S.

Terrific service, delicious food and a great friendly environment. Overall a pleasure experience. Definitely a must try if you're looking for something authentic!


W R.

Ordered Uber eats and each item I ordered was tasteless , full of oil and basically inedible . Packed it back up and unfortunately had to throw it out . I ordered Haleem, nihari , kabobs , tikka , chicken biryani and naan -- the grilled items were undercooked and raw and the other times were unappetizing and tasteless .


Mashaal H.

Food is okay but man the service SUCKS. As in there is no service. From the moment you get there, no one is paying attention and no one cares. The food took nearly an hour to come out and they brought it in small chunks. Who does that? And no one asked of we wanted anything to drink we had to go up and ask twice for water and they brought these little cups. What??


Haz K.

Great authentic foodTheir nihari, kabobs, biryani, goat chops and haleem are my favorite. Good sized portions, amazing flavor & a price that other desi restaurants can't beat. Example: 1.99 biryani


Matt E.

Got two kinds of kabobs, chicken tikka, garlic naan, and okra. Kabobs were hard, dry, and barely over room temp. Garlic naan sucked, and gave me potatoes with cauliflower instead of okra. Ordered of food just to throw it in the trash. First and Last time at Texas King in Irving. Did have it Uber eats delivered so that might give some room for it not being so hot but doesn't make up for way over cooked, dry kabobs and wrong veggies.


Kaushal A.

Very authentic punjabi food. I have tried all the items they gave in their menu. Every food item taste different and naan are fresh from tandoor.


Rida T.

Me & my family have made this place a go to. We go almost every Sunday for naan & kababs & my Husband always gets a different dish for his naan. Their food is reasonably priced & tastes pretty good. It's not always the cleanest for the friendliest though. They don't check on you, you have to call them over to get something else. For the most part, it's fine. We'll probably keep going for a long time as it's become a routine for us. Their Kheer is also very good but not consistent, it depends on the day. The only experience I resent, that only happened once was when we were dining in (as we always do). We had our meal & were gearing up to leave. My husband went to the counter to pay the bill & we decided to leave a cash tip. He realized the lady behind the counter had added a tip to the bill for herself without being told. My husband is a regular so he knows how much the bill is gonna be before we even go to pay. So he saw the inconsistency. He asked & her response was that's my tip. He was like how can you do that ? What if I wanted to leave a cash tip ? How can you think it's okay to charge my card more than what I owe ? She just shrugged her shoulders. The manager is an elderly man, he heard everything & came over & repeatedly started apologizing.  He was elderly & it made us feel bad that she couldn't say sorry but the poor old man was literally scared for his job. She was a disgusting human being.


Zehra S.

I get all my fresh halal meats from here! The meat is always fresh, and the service is great. In house catering and in house eating is amazing. The food is always fresh, and if there has ever been a problem the staff is accommodating and have the problem fixed. As far as having foods catered from here I've never had any problems. The food is delivered to my place on time with everything I ordered. I believe it is always hard to find desi restaurants that really believe in customer satisfaction and want to do their best, but this place does it. If it's not to your satisfaction they do whatever they can to fix it. The owner is a great man, and really listens to all his customers. If you want good food, quality, good pricing deff come here!


Samantha B.

Chicken biriyani is oily and has a plastic taste. Can't quite explain it. there are other places in irving to get better biriyani.Butcher shop not bad but last 2 times the cut chicken has not smelled fresh-baked it has gone bad.Owner seems nice but general customer service needs to improve!! 

About Texas King and reviewsAbout Texas King and reviews

About Texas King and reviews